Chicago Marathon October 9, 2016


New Balance Tampa Master Racing team member:

Christina Noordstar

# Runners: 40,400

Start: American Development Group

Finish Age Group: 11th

Finish Overall Female: 142

Florida Female Finisher: 2nd

Overall: 1370 out of 40,400

I am happy with this race due to a different kind of experience that happened to me at the finish of the race. The race started with an honorable start as a part of the American Development team where we receive special treatment pre-race and are escorted to the front of 40,000 people to start out front! Once the race started off I had my friend Jeff Lessie to start with side by side and a group of my local training friends and my husband hunting me down as soon as we began:). My husband and another friend flew by me within the first 4 miles and I let them go assuming I would catch my husband after mile 20, my famed move in the marathon with him:).

You may have heard me say that Quint and I  have a ‘no wait for each other rule’ in racing so we can each try do our best without feeling a tug to hold back for the other. It works well for us and we have a great time bantering over it pre-race. Typically I pass him after mile 20 and at this race I predicted that would happen again ha! Then at mile 23 I still did not see him yet until near mile 24 I caught a glimpse of his tank and could see by his form I would surely catch him. At this point I knew I was not going to hit my goal of a sub 3 hour marathon (where I threw in the towel) so I run up next to him and say “Hey I can’t believe it! We are going to finish together!”. I get a little emotional that it could serendipitously happen that of all 40,400 people, I meet up with him at the finish of a marathon, naturally! Inside I get a little teary and think how amazing this is that I would finish with the father of my children, my husband, my business partner, my best bud! We cross the finish line together in an end of marathon daze, a stumble of pain:) and share the moment. Too cool, way too cool. I plan to tell this story forever~.

I have done many marathons and love to travel the world to race them and find that Chicago is extra special with such a good flow of energy to race. The logistics are easy, the race is well organized, smooth and flat,  and entertainment and spectators line the whole way! In addition to such a great race we had a group of 20 of us from the Tampa Bay area and an incredible condo where everyone could meet and mingle and watch the city. It is weekends like this that I clearly know why I continue to love to run and how it continues to make life so much more fun!

Christina Noordstar