Do not miss this event. We are going to have such a good time. Come out for an experience to meet other women make fitness a part of their life. Let us help you. Let us introduce you.

New Balance has a Global Girl’s Night Out and its mission is to connect each one of you to run together, to laugh together, to help each other. Share tips, fit tips, work out tips, run tips, food tips, clothing tips, shoe tips (we can help with that one!)

New Balance Tampa wants to be your go-to destination to find answers at whatever level of fitness you are. Whatever you are doing, whatever mile you are on. One mile at a time.

We will be here for you. We will have answers and if we don’t have answers we will have someone here who knows.

The New Balance Tampa Masters Racing Team is comprised of the most talented and well rounded women we have ever met. WE are inspired everyday by what these ladies have going on. They are champions in their field. They are multi-event champions. And they are nowhere near done yet.

Meet them tonight. Let’s get to know each other and become better for it.

Did I mention swag bags? OH there will be swag bags. Did I mention refreshments? OH there will be refreshments. Did I mention the whole store is going to have a special event SALE? OH there will be a SALE. Did I mention we will have raffles?! OH we will have raffles.

Bring a friend.

Did I mention it was a completely free event? Westshore Plaza. New Balance Tampa. Wednesday. September 21st. 6:00pm-9:00pm.

-In the words of Kim Zolciak, “Don’t be Tardy for the Party”.


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