Lesson #1 Get your feet measured as frequently as you buy new shoes.

Feet change all the time. When parents come get their kids fitted in New Balance shoes we suggest some room in the toe, and parents agree.

Lessons #2 Adult toes need a little wiggle room too!

Come get your feet sized for our New Balance shoes. Your toes will thank you for it.

Lesson #3 Socks matter.

Ask usĀ for a different sock to try your new shoes on with and you’ll see. There’s no-show, low-cut, quarter, crew, there’s NB Dry, Coolmax, NB Ice. With all the variations we carry, chances are there’s a sock just for you.

New- New Balance Classics in-store

Now for shoe options: Let us introduce the New (New Balance) footwear you can find at either of our 2 New Balance Tampa locations.

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